Top 10 Reasons It Would Be Good To Be A Cat

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 6:09
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It’s Tuesday and time for Top 10 Tuesday over at Head on over to link yourself up!

Top 10 Reasons It Would Be Good To Be A Cat

1. Sleep!  You’d be in nap heaven.

2. You would be the ruler of the house, no ifs, ands, or butts.

3. If you don’t like something or someone, just hiss.

4. When you’re human calls you, you can pretend you didn’t hear them, unless of course it’s time to eat.

5. You can lay around wherever and whenever you want. See #2.

6. If you happen to be in the giving mood, all you have to do to show your human that you love them is rub against their leg a few times. You can purr if you want. Or not.

7. You can boldly snoop into anything you’d like no matter who’s watching.

8. If someone is “allergic” to you or doesn’t want you near them, just jump in their lap. You’ll be shooed away in no time. Then you can go take another nap.

9. If your human tries to get you to play with one of your toys, you can play if you feel like it. Or not, it’s totally up to you.

10. Did I mention sleep?? Because really, you just can’t get enough.

P.S. Happy Birthday Jackie! I hope you have an awesome day!! XOX’s

Wordless Wednesday: Thanks Wal-Mart!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 3:00
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Top Ten Tuesday: If I knew then what I know now

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 4:42
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Top Ten {Tuesday}

Oh, how I would have done things differently…. if only I knew then what I know now!

Here are the Top 10 things I would’ve done differently in my life, but not necessarily in order:

10. I would have finished college and gone to dental hygiene school.

9.  I would have waited to get married.

8.  I would have waited to have children, if at all.

7.  I would have liked myself more.

6.  I would have listened to my parents more.

5.  I wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to grow up.

4.  I would have had more fun.

3.  I would have saved more money.

2.  I would have gone to the doctor about my insomnia sooner.

1.  I wouldn’t have eaten that last chili dog.

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Internet Detox?

Thursday, June 10, 2010 18:05
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I’m finally back in the land of the 21st century.

That hasn’t been the case for about the past month.  Hubby and I decided to go back to our home in NY for a while to, you know, “get away from it all”.  When we left I was really looking forward to being there again for a while. It’s so beautiful there and oh. so. peaceful.  We have 18 acres of woods, we can’t see our neighbors from our house, and the only sounds we hear are the birds at our feeders, the stream on the side of our property, and the occasional 4-wheelers speeding by on their way to the trails. Actually, I was reminded just how peaceful it was when we got home.

If you remember my World Series drama from last year, you know that our house in NY has no cable.

And no cell signal. (We have to forward our cell phones to our land line. This also means no texting.)

And to top it off, NO INTERNET.  *gasp*  (We started out with satellite internet, but it had horrible reception. After that we even went back to the stone age of dial up, but we kept getting kicked off, which made us ticked off.) So in order to get the precious world wide web, Hubby and I would have to go to Barnes & Noble, Panera Bread, or Wegman’s-our grocery store full of awesomeness- all of which are 30 minutes from home.

It was so relaxing! I was finally able to finish reading my book. I started knitting on a sweater for this coming winter. I sat out on our patio in the sun and listened to music. I even baked a few batches of cupcakes.  Very relaxing!! At first…

But then it was as if I’d been sent to Internet Detox.   All I wanted to do was check my email….. and tweet a little bit…… maybe blog a while….. or do some googling….. send a text or two….. pay some bills…..

Is that so wrong?

I was suddenly left with extra time on my hands. Time that is normally spent in front of my MacBook. I guess when you’re sent to “therapy”, you’re supposed to reflect on the state of your life.

So I reflected.

And reflected some more-because that’s what you do when you have NO INTERNET…. I even contemplated life on our loooong drive back to Texas. I came to a conclusion.

I’m addicted to the internet.

My North and South

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 6:40
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Hubby and I just got back to New York after spending 3 ½ months in the Lone Star State. On our road trip back, I started thinking about some of the differences between our two homes.  And since it’s TOP TEN TUESDAY over at Oh Amanda, here goes!

WEATHER. Weather, weather, weather! This is totally obvious, I know, but having lived in both climates I can tell you it’s more than just about being hot or cold.  When I first moved to NY I just knew I was going to freeze to death. Again, obviously that didn’t happen because I’m here to write about it. The cold up north is different than the cold down south. It’s really more tolerable than you think. The key is LAYERS. Layers, layers, layers.

SEASONS are absolutely gorgeous up north. Every single four of ’em! Winter is beautiful with the ground covered in snow. The spring time is awesome! but then again, spring is awesome almost everywhere, isn’t it?  Summer is the greatest-it’s hot enough to feel like summer, but you don’t always sweat to death and feel like you need another shower when you walk outside. In the fall the leaves turn the most beautiful of colors, the pumpkins are out, and it’s apple season. Down south, you get two seasons-hotter’n hot and not so hot.

FOOD!! The South takes the cake on this one. I love me some southern home cooking! Especially that of my mother, aunts and cousins. EVERYTHING is delicious! Especially my cousin’s German Chocolate Cake, which btw, I crave EVERY SINGLE DAY (hint, hint).  Maybe since I grew up eating southern food I love it more. Northern food is more vinegar-y-ish. That is all.

ACCENTS are a gimme. I never knew/noticed/cared that I have an accent. It has become apparent to me that I do in fact, have an AX-SEANT. I never realized it until I heard George W talking on TV after I had been living in NY and hearing all these yankees who “tawk” funny. Me to Hubby-“Do I sound like that?” Hubby- “ummmm, YEAH.”

PERSONALITES are a big difference too. I’m sure you’ve all heard the stories… It’s not that the yankee folks are rude (although they can come across that way sometimes), it’s just that people in the south take manners and courtesy one step further.

LANDSCAPE  Texas is flat, NY is not. The elevation at our home in Tx is zero, bordering on -1. The elevation at our home in NY is 1330. We call it the “nose bleed section”.  We have the best of both worlds-part time beach, part time mountains.

POLITICS Most New Yorkers are liberal democrat. Example: Hillary Clinton. Most Texans are conservative republican. Example: George “Dubbya”.  And that’s all I have to say about that.

SPORTS  In Texas there’s football, football, and football. There’s also basketball and baseball, but football is king. Especially Friday night high school football. In New York there’s hockey, lacrosse, basketball, football, but baseball is king. Or is it just me and my Yankee self??

SHOPPING  There’s no comparison for shopping for me. Down south I’m next to the 4th largest city in the nation. You can find anything and everything you would ever want or need. Up north, not so much. The closest city for decent shopping is over an hour away. After that it’s 2 ½ hours to “the city”, which is absolute shopping heaven! After that, it’s 3+ hours to Philly.

NEIGHBORS There’s nothing like having great neighbors. While we’re away in Texas, our neighbor-friends in New York take care of our place and watch it like a hawk. Anything you need, they are right there, ready and willing to help in any way possible. We’re still trying to figure out if they really like us, or if it’s the fact that they like being thanked with beer… hmmmm

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