Top 10 Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now. Right this very minute…

Tuesday, 23 March, 2010

1. TWITTER!  I’m still a #newb here @Yankee_Wife, but I’m having sooo much fun! You girls are hi-LAR-ious! (I think I may be getting carried away-when it’s time to go to bed my hubby says “it’s time to stop tweeting now…”)

2. James Avery Craftsman jewelry. I got a charm bracelet from my mother for Christmas and have been adding charms ever since. I’ve also gotten a few rings. It’s really nice jewelry at an affordable price.

3. My new Bernardo shoes. Enough said.

4. This one’s a gimme: my iPhone. Totally, completely, 100% OBSESSED. It’s always in my hand. I live with it all day. Morning til night. (True confession: I sleep with it under my pillow. I feel ‘naked’ without it. If it’s in my purse while I’m out, I’m constantly checking to make sure it’s still there in my front pocket.) Wonder if I need therapy? I’m sure there’s an app for that out there somewhere.

5. Here’s another gimme: BASEBALL! My true obsession with baseball really started when my boys were playing. I loved watching them play! There’s nothin’ else like it for a baseball mom. When I first moved to Houston I was an Astros fan. Then when I moved to NY with Hubby, he was a Yankees fan so we watched Yankee games all the time. Love it!! Now I’m an obsessed Yankees fan. But don’t hold that against me-now that we’re back in the Houston area for a while, we have season tix for the Astros. (You can take the girl outta the south, but you can’t take the south outta the girl) Hubby and I are on a mission to go to a game at every MLB stadium. We’re almost halfway there.

6. Snoopy. I’m obsessed with anything Snoopy. Period.

7. Growing my hair out! I’ve gone from 10 years of this:

(picture removed-just imagine short blonde hair)

to this:

(picture removed-just imagine shoulder length dark brown hair)

I want to let it grow out past my shoulders. I’ve had my hair short for so long that I want to try something different. After I’ve had it that way for a while, who knows? Maybe I’ll go back to short again! Isn’t it a girl’s prerogative?

8. German Chocolate Cake. I have had this CRAVING for GCC for I don’t know how long now. I just can’t get enough. Ever tried GCC ice cream?? It’s soooo delicious….

9 and 10. I’ve saved the best 2 for last. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Hubby and my boys. They mean the world to me! I will forever love them with all my heart!  xo


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Starbucks vs Dunkin’ Donuts

Monday, 30 November, 2009

I’ve been trying to think of the very first time I went to Starbucks. For the life of me I can’t remember it. I know, I know, it being such a monumental occasion and all…. All the drama that had been going on in my life must’ve clouded my “w w w . memory”. (Now I’ve got that song stuck in my head. Aarrgh!) If it means anything to you Starbuckers, I don’t remember the first time I had Dunkin’ Donuts either.

Anywho, as far back as I can remember, I’ve always like Starbucks. I love their drinks, especially an upside down Caramel Macchiato. And their White Chocolate Mocha. And their Gingerbread and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I also especially love their cups. I used to buy them all the time. It was just a “thing” for me. And look out when they’re on sale! Almost every cup we own is a SB cup. We even have SB travel mugs. Like 6 of ‘em. Do we really need 6 travel mugs for the two of us? Actually, when I saw the glittery pink one I just HAD to have it, so YES, we do need them.

Then one day a funny thing happened. A friend of mine gave me a bag of French Vanilla Dunkin’ Donuts coffee beans. It has to be the best home brewed coffee I’ve ever had! Another day I was out shopping (who me?) and there was a Dunkin’ Donuts nearby. I got some coffee and it was delicious! On a road trip with Hubby, we stopped to get gas and a DD was inside the store. We got some coffee and breakfast. It was GOOD! Then on the way to and from the Yankees World Series parade, my friends and I stopped, oh, 4 or 5 times? for coffee at DD. Now I’m feeling drawn to Dunkin’ Donuts instead of Starbucks. Can I say both are my favorite?

What’s YOUR favorite, SB or DD? Leave me a comment and tell me your favorite drink there!

Sanford and Son

Thursday, 12 November, 2009

No favorites list of mine would be complete without my all-time favorite tv show Sandford & Son.

I think most everyone loves Sanford and Son. Who wouldn’t love Fred, Lamont, Grady, Aunt Esther, Donna, Rollo, Julio, Hoppy, Smitty, Swanny, and Ah Chew. (Gesundheidt!)

Just hearing that song takes me back to when I was growing up. I watched Fred and Lamont almost every day. My dad and I would watch them before supper. Sometimes we’d even talk my mom into letting us watch it while we ate. Back then that was special since we had a no-tv-during-supper rule. We watched them so much that even now I still know most of the words by heart. Now when I watch this show, it makes me think of my dad. And anything that makes me think of my dad makes me happy.


“Oh GLORY!!!”

Speedy Manicure

Thursday, 15 October, 2009

dsc051941Here’s my manicure. I love it so much I took a picture so it’d last longer. This is usually the longest my nails will get. They won’t last long. Eventually a corner will break off or the side will start splitting. And I don’t know about you, but for me, when one goes, they all gotta go.

I normally don’t get manicures, even though I love ‘em. When I do it’s only once or twice a year. This one came about while I was flying home from my nephew’s wedding. I was supposed to fly out at 7:00 am, then get home at 6:00 to have an anniversary dinner with my Hubby.

Due to the weather, I ended up flying out at 1:00 with two layovers. So there I am in Detroit, of all places, with a couple hours to burn, nothing to do, and some cash burning a hole in my pocket. By the time I had gotten to Detroit I was EXHAUSTED.

I’m walking around and I see an ExpresSpa, you know, one of those quickie massage, pedicure, manicure places in airports. You can also buy a head statue of Buddha while you’re there if you’d like. Hey, you never know when you might wanna take him home… I walked up to look at their “pampering menu”. I decided right then and there that I needed some pampering. I mean, who doesn’t?? right??

I look at the time and figure a manicure would only take about 30 minutes or so. Yes! I still had over an hour to kill. So I’m invited into the store, the guy “takes my order” of a manicure. He takes my bags for me, and I sit down in the back massaging chair. A lady with a permanent smile rolls a cart over with rows and rows of polish. She continued to smile as she said “it’s color time!”. Too many choices, so little time. I’m not used to have color on my fingernails so I went with the french manicure, oui, oui.

Then a man named Vo came over to do my manicure for me. It was awesome. My favorite part is always the hand massage. I wanted to tell him I’d give him 10 minutes to stop that, but he had to do it the express-quickie-speedy way. I’m thinking “I should do this more often…”.

Vo sprayed that quick-dry stuff on my nails but I waited about 10 minutes after that to make sure they were dry. As I went to get my suitcase, my thumb nail accidentally scrapped on the handle. Aaarrgh!! I had to ask Vo to fix it real quick. Thankfully he was really cool about it. He should’ve been after the tip I left him.

I got my fix, paid, and was on my way. As I was walking to my gate, I double checked the monitors to make sure I didn’t have a gate change. Flight 5963 NOW BOARDING!! What?? I still had 45 minutes left! And I was 2 terminals away! Ugh. So there I am pulling my bag on wheels with a ginormous shoulder bag balanced on top with one hand (my-newly-fixed- thumb-nail hand). On my other shoulder was my purse. My elbow was holding it in place, and in my hand of course, was my iPhone. I’m running like OJ Simpson in his pre-criminal days down the hallway, dodging the head-in-the-clouds people that were going for a Sunday stroll, and others dragging their bags as far behind them as possible. I was going through my own sort of terminal rage. It reminded me of 5:00 traffic in Houston. Then as I was going down an escalator, I had my hand on the rail with my thumb hanging down and all of a sudden my thumb hits something. DING! Same nail. Aaarrgh! At the end of the escalator my wheelie-bag falls over, but I happen to catch my ginormous bag. Another ding. SAME NAIL. I’m still in terminal rage mode, walking as fast as I can through the terminal. I finally, FINALLY, get to my gate. I walk right up in line to board. I’m not able to gate check my wheelie-bag so that means I’ll have to lift my bag in the overhead compartment with my semi-dry nails. Ugh.

What was I thinking??!?

I finally made it home around 11:00, but minus my anniversary dinner. But it was worth it. Hubby picked me up and then I walked in the door to two dozen white and yellow roses. Happy 8th Anniversary, Honey!


Tuesday, 14 July, 2009



It’s been waaaay too long. And by ‘waaaay’, I really mean WAAAAY too long.  

I love pedicures.  I really, REALLY do! But you wouldn’t know it by looking at my white trash toe job.  My last pedi was back in May (April??) up in my redneck part of the New York woods, of all places.  Now, you may not think anything about having a pedicure in the redneck woodsy part of New York, but let me tell you, those Yankee’s just aren’t as toe friendly as we are down here in the south.  Southern pedicurists rock my flip flops off!!  I had my startthesummeroffright pedi up north just to have some sort of feet decency before heading south for the summer. I couldn’t wait to have my southern style foot rub once I got here but since we’ve been at SCHLITTERBAHN almost every day, my toes are getting the worst of it.  I’m not even going to discuss the state of my heels, although they could sand down a 2 x 4 in nothing flat. ugh.

I thought about taking a foot picture just so you’d get the full effect.

Nobody likes a foot picture.  Not even a pretty foot picture.

I’m in full out desperation mode when it comes to my guilty, but absolutely necessary, pleasure. My biggie toenail has split down the middle and is now a nub of a nail down to the quick with only a few patches of polish.  The end of my second toenail has been ripped off courtesy of the bottom of the pool.  Needless to say, my polish is only 1/2 there as well.  I had to pick off the end of my nail on the third toe just so it’d match the others.  Then my fourth toe has absolutely NO polish on it.  It’s the blacksheep of the piggy fam.  My pinkie toenail polish is just barely hanging on….  And that’s just my right foot.  Not even gonna GO THERE for my left.  

I’ve tried to polish the patches eroded by the chlorine and pool surfaces, and Lord knows what else, but my homegrown polish jobs just look gnarly.  (sob)

Guess I’ll break out my cotton balls and acetone.

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